The Art of the (Aeronautical) Chart… What do you see?

Review Before Flight

Every six months, like clockwork, the FAA publishes a new set of aeronautical charts for a given area. This includes sectional and terminal area charts, the latter, where applicable. Presently, more and more pilots are electing to use digital charts, and I’ll admit, this author uses Foreflight and their digital charts as well. But, there is still some aviation romance in the good, old-fashioned, paper charts.

Terminal aeronautical charts are generally double sided, with the typical chart on one side, the other reserved for the companion VFR flyway chart, unless your area is covered by a terminal chart without such option. The Boston TAC, a regular resident of my flight bag of choice at the time, for instance, does not offer a VFR flyway chart on the reverse side. But I digress…

The smell of the special paper and the creases of a new chart bring fond memories of my…

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Airbus revolutionises our vision of the Factory of the Future 4.0

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Airbus has disclosed a video presenting its vision with regard to the plan-building facility in 2025. It combines a high level of automation, end-to-end engineering across the entire value chain, vertical integration and…

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Have you considered Air India?

Plan, Pack, Travel

So you’ve decided to visit India. What next? I guess you probably need to pick an airline. There are so many to choose from and the natural first port of call when researching who to fly with is probably to check out someone like British Airways. Yes, British Airways are amazing, however it is worth also thinking outside the box and taking a look at India’s national carrier, Air India.

We flew Air India from London Heathrow to Mumbai, with the return leg from New Delhi, as well as an internal flight from Mumbai to Goa. We were impressed with all three flights, but on this occasion I will review the London Heathrow to Mumbai leg.Check in

Check in was easy. When we travelled from London, there were many people returning to India to celebrate Diwali with their families and of course, this meant they had a lot of…

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